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Natural Slate Roof Vents By Prentice Roofing

Ventilation in roofs is something that must be done in order to satisfy building regulations, but it can be difficult to do this without disfiguring the traditional appearance of a slate roof.

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best roofing solutions to our customers, Prentice Roofing now produce a truly Natural Slate Faced Roof Vent that can be made to match virtually any natural slate roof.

Produced using the natural slate of your choice and using components from a leading ventilation manufacturer,
Our Natural Slate Roof Vents are the perfect solution to providing the ventilation required in modern buildings without the intrusive appearance of frequently used plastic vents.

Natural Slate Roof Vents can be used to provide:

- Roof Ventilation
- Soil Vent Points
- Mechanical Extractor Fan Points

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Natural Slate Roof Vents Northern Ireland by Prentice Roofing